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Most music lovers want to listen their digitally stored music collection wthout the need of switching on a computer. That is why  

Media Box S is the solution! Fast and easy music access with 3-buttons on front of Media Box S or remote!  

High contrast display shows shows all essential details of playlists, artist, album, track.  

>>> Media Box S makes your favourite music a perfect sound experience!  




Music playback without the need of PC or Mac!  


• Easy tio use high quality audio reproduction from SD cards, USB sticks and USB hard drives  

• “Plug and Play” without PC or Mac  

• New wall plug power supply also gives power to USB hard drives  

• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  

• High contrast 1,0” LCD display  

• Album/Title/Playlist read-out from display  

• Random/Shuffle Play  

• IR remote  

• Excellent sound quality from digitally stored media  

• High quality DA-conversion on board  

• Digital coax out (RCA) for usage with even better DACs  

• Extremely low jitter  

• Massive metal casework  


recommended Accessoires:  


Remote Box S


FAQ - Hints for using Media Box S  


Q: Does the Media Box S play Flac and Wav?  

A: No. Media Box does not play Flac and Wav and that has also a very good reason. In designing our Doc Boxes we realized that you can get surprizing very good results with Mp3, AAC and WMA formats at the highest possible resolution of 320 kbps / 384 kbps. So we looked forward to make a simple product which sounds great with Pc recorded music as we decided to make the Media Box S for the price we looked for we had tw choices. Either to go with a high resolution Chip and ordinary D/A converters and analogue output stage or with a a simple chipset and sophisticated D/A converters and analogue output stage. Our listening panels proved that the quality of the Da converters and output stage has more influence to the sound then the resolution only. So we decided to use for this price point the more conservative solution.  


Q: Is there a digital music player that offers more playback options and an even better sound quality?  

A: For sure both at the best would give the best sound and that you can get with our Stream Box DS which does all formats and has a very highend analogue solution. Additionally we have to state that Media Box s should give the customer the possibility to listen to music from mass storage but without the necessity to switch on a PC or a network. So the main application is to have background music on a performance high level,with very easy control and use. For listening to highend music in the best resolution we recommend Streambox SE or a simple analogue record player from Pro-Ject.  


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