Pro-Ject Power Box II  



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Central power supply for units of the Box family and Pro-Ject turntables  


Up to 4 different units connectable simultaneously (16V/AC)  

No separate power supplies needed  

Individual power switching  

Maximum power surge is 1A  

Available in black and silver  



Caution: Using these power supplies with equipment, that is not suitable (see list), can cause  

serious damage to power supply and connected components. Damages caused by inappropriate  

use are not covered by the manufacturers guarantee!  


Following Box Design Components are suitable with this Power Supply:  

Pre Box, Switch Box, Pre Box SE, Tuner Box, Phono Box II, Phono Box USB II, Phono Box USB V, Speed Box II, Head Box II,  

CD Box SE  


Following Box Design Components are not suitable with this Power Supply:  

Amp Box (Stereo oder Mono), Amp Box SE (Stereo oder Mono), Dock Box Vi/Fi, Stereo Box, Receiver Box, DAC Box USB, CD Box,  

Tube Box II, Tube Box SE II, Phono Box SE II, Speed Box SE II  


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