Pro-Ject Pre Box S  

Stereo Line preamplifier  


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• Advanced circuitry with premium components  

• Neutral sound with superior low noise floor  

• 2 Stereo Line-in & Pre-out  

• Motorised volume control  

• SMD for short signal paths  

• Low output impedance for low loss with long cables  

• Gold-plated connections  

• Remote control for on/off, input select, volume  

• Trigger outputs for Amp Box and Switch Box  

• Metal casing protects against vibration and interference  

• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  

• Available in black and silver  


Audiophile pre-amplifier with 2 line inputs and remote control!  


Functioning as the control center of the Pro-Ject Box Series, the Pre Box S performs basic input switching and high-performance audio amplification. Designed to drive one or more Amp Box S (mono or stereo), the Pre Box S features ultra-low noise IC’s and dual-mono circuitry for exceptional audio fidelity. The highly shielded metal chassis effectively rejects any vibration and electromagnetic noise. 12-volts Trigger switching is provided so other components connected can be power activated with the Pre Box. Additionally, the input extension Switch Box can be controlled. IR remote comes with Pre Box S to switch inputs and adjust volume.  


SRP: € 249,00  



Recommended accessories:  



Control it DS/RS

Remote Box S


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