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• Box Design 19” rack system with 1U or 3U height  

• Holds up to 12 pc. “S” or 6 “DS” Box Design components  

• This equals a maximum of 24 amplifier channels  

• Only one power connector for all components  

• Plug & Play, just connect speakers and sources  

• Individual custom made configuration  

• All internal wiring according your specification  

• Custom labelling  

• Digital amplification—no heat, no fans required!  


Best sound packed thightly!  

Choose from the wide range of Box Design components according your needs. All components will be ready for “plug & play”, with all internal connections including power cables done. There is only one IEC plug on the backside, that makes it easy to implement this professional 19” rack audio system.  

Input and output cables (antenna, USB, …) in 0,5m basic lengths come with each Pro Rack.  

Different cable lengths can be specified, if needed.  


Last update 28.05.2018

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