Pro-Ject Receiver Box S  

Ultra compact integrated stereo amp including FM tuner  


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Smallest High-End receiver on the market  

2x 30W @ 4 ohms / 2x 25W @ 8 ohms  

2 stereo line inputs  

Improved FM tuner with higher sensitivity  

99 presets and auto store and search function  

High-resolution dot-matrix display (blue)  

Indication of signal strenght, precise center of station, stereo/mono reception  

Easy control via IR remote or 3 buttons on faceplate  

Metal casing protects against vibration and interference  

DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)  

Faceplate silver or black  


Receiver Box S - Ultra compact stereo integrated amp with FM tuner!  


Receiver Box S is an audiophile piece of micro electronics and real hifi miracle! Receiver Box S includes top-class components: line preamplifier, FM tuner with 99 presets & audiophile power amplifier, which are able to substitute 3 separate audio components. With the IR remote (included) volume level, input selection and FM-Tuner easily can be controlled. Receiver Box S is for sure the smallest audiophile Stereo receiver on the market, that proves micro-sized components need not to compromise in sound qality!  


SRP: 349,00  


recommended Accessoires:  


Remote Box S


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