Box Design Package 3: Hearing iPod® and Radio  



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iPod® and radio music pleasure from world’s smallest hifi system  


Package 3 consists of:  

• Receiver Box - stereo integrated amplifier/FM tuner, remote control included  

• Dock Box Fi - docking station for iPod®, remote control included  

• Speaker Box 5 - bookshelf speaker, high gloss piano lacquer red, white, black  


Accessories included:  

• Connect-it RCA-cc 0,205m  

• Connect-it LS-Banana 2 x 3m  


Optional accessories:  

• Design Box 2iP  

• Butler 2.1  


Optional components:  

• Switch Box, input connection extender, if more than 2 sources are needed, i.e. PC, turntable etc.  

• USB Box for PC audio playback  

• Head Box II for headphone usage  


Package 3: SRP € 750,00 (tax included)  


Last update 28.05.2018

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