Set "iPod® goes digital"  



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• Micro-sized stereo Hifi-system with Apple docking station  

• Audiophile Dock Box S digital provides 2 outputs (RCA)  

  * Analogue  

  * S/PDIF (use with external D/A converters)  

• Pure digital output from iPod, iPhone, iPad  

• Audiophile Integrated Stereo amplifier with additional analogue input (use with FM-tuner, CD, …)  

• Audiophile grade compact speakers  

• Highend interconnects and speaker cables included  

• Faceplate of components available in silver or black  

• Speakers available in red, white or black  

• Also available Design Box „the butler 2.1“  


Listen to the worlds best micro-sized iPod hifi system!  

Ultimate combination of Pro-Ject Stereo Box S with high-class dockingstation Dock Box S Digital and Speaker Box 5. The system sound quality is outstanding and far better than competition. Pure digital sound output of Apple devices is used for best audio quality!  

Dock Box S Digital provides not only an analogue output, but also an additional S/PDIF coaxial digital out, that can be connected to an external D/A converter or home cinema receiver. Stereo Box S offers an additional analogue stereo input. Both amplifier and dockingstation can be controlled via IR remote (included). Components and loudspeakers are connected with high-quality cabling.  

This package includes all necessary components, highend audio cables and rack!  


Also available: Design Box „the butler 2.1“  


SRP: € 699,00  


Set „iPod goes digital“ includes all you need:  


* Stereo Box S - integrated amplifier  

* Dock Box S Digital - Apple Dockingstation with analogue and digital output  

* Speaker Box 5 - audiophile 2-way speakers  

* Design Box 2iP Acryl - Rack  

* Connect-it-LS - 2x 2,0m speaker cables (Stereo set)  

* Connect-it RCA-C - 0,205m RCA-interconnect (Stereo)  


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