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• Micro-sized stereo Hifi-system with Apple docking station  

• Audiophile Dock Box S Fi with fixed audio output level  

• 30-pin connection for iPod, iPhone, iPad  

• Audiophile Integrated Stereo amplifier with additional analogue input (use with FM-tuner, CD, …)  

• IR control for both components  

• Audiophile grade compact speakers  

• High quality interconnects and speaker cables included  

• Faceplate of components available in silver or black  

• Speakers available in red, white or black  

• Also available: Design Box „the butler 2.1“  


Micro-sized iPod hifi system with outstanding performance!  

Unique combination of Pro-Ject Stereo Box S with high-quality dockingstation Dock Box S Fi and audiophile Speaker Box 5.  

„iPod goes Hifi“ is a real hifi audio system with sonic qualities far better than competition. Never before an audiophile iPod system offered so much musicality for such a low price. Conventional iPod audio systems often use speakers with a very small and fixed distance, which sounds „Mono-like“ and makes it impossible to experience stereo. With the „iPod goes Hifi“-system you can place your speakers to get the real thing: Room-filling authentic stereo reproduction.  


Dock Box S Fi provides an analogue output with low input impedance, that gives best possible analogue audio transfer from Apple devices. Stereo Box S surely is one of the worlds best integrated amplifiers using digital technology. It offers inspiring tube-like sound with outstanding transparency, high resolution, smooth and natural timbre plus life-like energy.  

Both amplifier and dockingstation can easily be controlled via IR remote (also included in this package).  

High-quality interconnects; speaker cables and rack are part of this small but high-class audio system.  


Optional: Design Box „the butler 2.1“  


SRP: € 599,00  


Set „iPod goes Hifi“ includes all you need:  

* Stereo Box S - integrated amplifier  

* Dock Box S Fi - Apple dockingstation  

* Speaker Box 5 - audiophile 2-way speakers  

* Design Box 2iP Acryl Rack  

* AT SP-15T 2x 2,0m speaker cables (Stereo set)  

* AT RCA-10-0,25m RCA-interconnect (Stereo)  


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